Sunday, 10 March 2013

Superdry e-com studio

So finally we are expanding into a new space at Superdry.

For a long time the space that we have produced all of our imagery for our online e-commerce websites has been small, cramped and not fit for purpose. Under these conditions we have still managed to create some decent imagery. Our creative space had been a flooded shed that you need waders to shoot anything. The main studio has been a small area with a lastolite photo curve. Here we shoot all the model imagery along with video. Creating video and stills in he same space has long been a challenge causing shadows with lighting setups getting in the way of each other.

Ever since I joined the studio team a new studio space has been on the cards. Many designs have been etched, locations mentioned and dates pushed back as with all these projects.

This week work has begun in our bespoke and custom designed work space. A brand new white curve will run along the side of our new building to the left flanked by a video cat walk with an antique oak floor and white washed brick walls. Towards the front of the space will be our retouchers and a styling/hair and MUA area. A dividing wall runs along the back of the building separating our light tables for accessories and flat styling. The walls of this space will consist of many textured background oak, brick, jet black etc. allowing more creative banner and email promotion images.

I will keep up to date with the progress of work and look forward to the new work and ideas that the space will inspire.

(Image of old studio space courtesy of Superdry social media)

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Styleshoots review and Biglight studio visit

Last week I visited a photo agency dealing with mass fashion imagery.

The biglight studio is an old piano factory in old Kentish town. The photography section is housed in the roof which has amazing natural light.
I had been invited to check out a new flat styling table in styleshoots. This clever piece of kit uses a automated piece of software that exposes a shot of the product against black and then white allowing the software to cut the image out. Control controlled by an iPad it utilises live view so visibility for styling is great.

A very smart piece of kit although it uses a continuous light that is fixed which means that you don't get the crispness of the flash and the depth of shadow remains
the same.

The idea is that the user doesn't need specific photographic knowledge, but this does mean that things are missed such as ambient light spill onto the scene that would not be picked up by an untrained eye.

To conclude I found it technology over quality and it will definitely not be replacing a skilled photographer any time soon.

For more info search style shoots and/or biglight

Thailand trip 2012

Portrait images shot on our trip to Thailand.
Our trip took us to along the canals of Bangkok and to Ayutthaya the old capital of Thailand.
A Sleeper train then took us to Chiang Mai to the north where we trekked to a waterfall and visited tribes people. We witnessed some miss treatment of some animals, it's written all over the face of the monkey looking through the bars, and some animals that clearly enjoyed living in their sanctuary.
Traveling by plane we arrived on Koh Samui in the south where beaches and sea were the order of the day.

I hope you enjoy my observations from our travels.